The farm is owned by Kathy Kellish and Rick Harding. Kathy's parents bought the farm back in 1948. They fell in love with the views and the good fertile fields. A lot of work had to be put into the barns and house to bring back their original beauty. The house dates back to the early 1800's.

Kathy moved back from Colorado and built the log home in 1982. Music was always a big influence in the Kellish family. She grew up hearing her father playing the pump organ or dancing to an old country classic while playing the jaws harp in their country kitchen. He'd hear a song and could play without reading music. Her Mom was always singing no matter what chores needed doing. She loved the old Carter family classics. Her older brothers were both in bands growing up. Kathy took up the autoharp and loves singing. Rick has picked up the fiddle.

A few years ago, Kathy, eager to continue the tradition of music on the farm, was looking for some Bluegrass musicians to come and play. Les Hathaway came to the rescue, bringing a bunch of friends who played together Friday nights at a jam in Marcellus. This, says Kathy, "Changed my life forever." The farm, and the hospitality, were warm and inviting, and people have been coming back ever since. Sundays at the farm, playing and singing Bluegrass, Old Time Country, Celtic, Gospel and Folk, and enjoying a potluck meal together, has attracted many folks to come join the "family."