Our Mission

The Kellish Hill Music Farm will preserve, perform and educate the public in the roots music of our country.

  • We will learn from and support each other.
  • We will appreciate the many forms of traditional music and celebrate the fact that our varied musical heritage shares much in common.
  • We will bring the generations together: giving the youth exposure to and opportunity to play this unique music, and giving our seniors the opportunity to hear these songs again, to sing and play along, and to share their experience.
  • We will cherish the opportunity to share this historical heritage music with all ages in order to keep the music flowing now and for our future generations.
  • We will sponsor traditional dances, including folk, square, contra and old time English Country. Dance is tied into the old time music and another way of expressing our love of the past. Music and dance go together hand in hand.
  • We will support and applaud the creation of new music that is inspired by our forefathers and mothers.
  • We will welcome all and make a comfortable place for newcomers to participate at their own comfort level.
  • We will support and encourage those with more advanced skills to play together in a more professional enviroment.
  • We will support and encourage all our sister organizations, knowing that we share a common love of Americana music.

This is the mission of the Kellish Music Farm, now and forever.